Víctor Sánchez

(Text original language: Spanish)

Victor Sanchez is a Mexican writer and researcher who deals with issues related to human development both, at the individual and global level. The focus of his work is personal growth in an inner space that moves freely from the psychological and emotional scope to the spiritual one.

Throughout literally his entire lifetime, has been dedicated to researching the subject that has fascinated him since he was aware of existing: the human soul.

This fascination for knowing and understanding the nature and potential of what we are and what we can be, led him through multiple paths and fields of science, art and spirituality.

His insatiable curiosity led him to dive into areas as diverse as anthropology, ethnology, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, personal development, spiritual development, business consulting and exploration of nature, among many others.

Academically, he drew heavily from anthropology and psychology. In the field research, coexistence with indigenous groups in Mexico has been one of his main tasks.

On a personal level, literature, poetry, films and music, and nature have been his lifelong companions.

Professionally, throughout his adult life and even from his teenage years Victor Sanchez has also given himself to task of sharing his findings about the human soul through conferences, seminars, workshops and human development programs that have led him to many different countries and cultures, where he has been able to confirm the human soul's universality, as the great thread that connects us to all people from all corners of the earth and through all stages of history.

His very particular vision of human development, has led him to constantly challenge the barriers separating rationality from spirituality and his conviction about the value of integration of opposites, has led him to create new methods and systems for the development of the soul and human consciousness that seek to contribute not only to the evolution of individual persons, but also of all humanity as a whole.

Victor Sanchez dreams of a humanity technologically and spiritually developed, but free from archaic cultural and religious atavisms that for thousands of years have helped to keep humanity in a state of cognitive underdevelopment as a species, expressed through the paradigm of competition of everyone against everyone else and war as its most hurtful consequence.

Convinced that we are a species in development and that we have the enormous responsibility of completing our own evolution in our hands, Victor Sanchez considers the results of his work, either through his workshops, human development programs or his books, as his personal contribution to the great task of our evolution as a species.

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